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2. Property hunting – Rentals

Property hunting for rentals is much the same as hunting for acquisition, except that it is a question here of looking for a property for a client who is looking to rent for the long term.

The idea of this service was born from two observations.

Initially, we noted that, as for the search for acquisition, the customers, in particular the foreigners, are confronted with the same difficulties and frustrations, often reinforced by the systematic refusals of the agencies when their file is incomplete or too “light “in their eyes.

We have also found that French people who relocate as part of their work can benefit from relocation assistance which is likely to cover our fees.

We have therefore decided to launch the rental hunter service, based on the same principles as the acquisition hunter and with the same quality of service.

Our first client was our first challenge, since retired and Canadian and despite a very good retirement, she could not find accommodation on the Côte d’Azur.

His file had been refused on many occasions because of the fears of the owners related to his age (the elderly are protected in the event of breach of lease by the owner) and because of his perceived retirement in Canada.

We took charge of her file and two months later, thanks to us, Ms. Clarke signed her lease of a very nice apartment, sea view corresponding to all its criteria.

What are the steps of a typical FRH rental property hunting mission?

1 – We validate the real estate project with the client

Live or by video, the first interview should allow you to understand your project, your needs, your tastes and your expectations.

We define with him the search criteria (location, type of property, size, etc.) as well as the overall budget including the rent, the security deposit, and other possible costs.

Once all these criteria have been reviewed, if the project seems coherent to us, we proceed to the signature of a research mandate, always exclusive.

2 – We prepare the file with the client

We review with the client the various elements that a good rental file must contain in order to be sure that his file will pass when choosing the property.

For certain cases, in particular clients in independent profession, retirees or other cases outside the “perfect employee” framework, we call on our partner which is a surety organisation and which can be more flexible to guarantee a file. . This allows us to have more chances of validating a file with the agencies.

In the case of French customers in relocation, we also check whether they are eligible for dedicated assistance.

3 – We search properties that meet the criteria and demands of our client

As we do not make pre-visits in search of rental, we ask for as much information as possible from the agency or the individual to be able to select only the properties corresponding to the criteria established with the client.

The goal is always to avoid an unnecessary visit to our client.

Research is mainly carried out with agencies and individuals.

4 – Visit selected properties

After having validated together the properties that the client wishes to visit, we organise the visits with them, live or by video.

5 – Guidance until the end

This support consists of taking all the steps necessary for the smooth running of the rental, including checking the documents issued by the agency, support for the inventory, opening a bank account in France for foreigners , etc.

6 – Post-signature service

Our service includes assistance with the transfer of water, electricity and internet contracts. (only for fees 1500 € – see below)

Our rental search fees

Our fees for this activity are one month’s rent up to €1,500 including tax and remain at this level regardless of the higher rent level.

From 1500 euros, our fees include all the assistance mentioned above, plus assistance with the transfer of electricity, water and internet contracts.

It is understood that we favour higher rents, knowing that a person looking to rent may become a customer for a later acquisition and therefore, if he is looking for a high rent rental, he risks having an interesting budget for an acquisition.

However, we are not neglecting lower rents, which can also generate buyers later on.

Chronological order of a rental research mission

1 – 2 hours:

  • Project definition interview
  • Prepare file
  • Research mandate

15 days:

  • First selection of properties online
  • Share pre-selection with client
  • Visit selected properties with client
  • Reserve property

2 days:

  • Track status of file acceptance 
  • Verification of documents
  • Legal/paperwork assistance lease
  • Signing the lease

2 – 3 days:

  • Help with moving in (contracts with providers, movers etc.)
  • Collect testimonial client
  • Gift client
  • 70% 70%