3. Sales

Unlike traditional real estate agencies, we did not start by making sales, which is the heart of the “real estate agent” business.

On the one hand, because we wanted, as mentioned above, to establish and develop the profession of “Buyer’s agent” and devote ourselves to buyers and on the other hand, because a whole part of our communication as a real estate hunter consists in saying that we are totally free and independent because we have no property to sell, we are in no way linked to sellers and we have no property to invest.

However, there are two reasons that led us to consider integrating sales into our activity.

The first is simply due to the fact that we have been approached by sellers who, noting the quality of our hunting services, wanted us to take care of the sale of their house.

The second is due to the business cycle of acquisition hunting. Indeed, this is much more random, despite the mandate and despite our verification of the seriousness of the file. A search can take a long time and nothing guarantees its success, especially since our philosophy is not to force the customer to buy a property that does not completely suit him.

This is why we wanted to develop sales, so as to be able to ensure parallel and as constant income as possible.

But here too, we did not want to develop a branch without adding our touch and above all without providing a service commensurate with the commissions received.

We want to provide sellers with the same quality of service and the same requirement to exceed expectations that we reserve for buyers.

Here is what we want to bring to sellers and which will make our difference:

  • Our experience as a real estate hunter: we have a perfect command of what buyers want to see when they are looking for a property.
  • The most beautiful listings of the French Riviera, very detailed (an example here: https://fr-househunt.com/maison-saint-blaise/
  • Quality photos, video, aerial views even for non-exceptional properties and in particular photos of tidy, clean, depersonalised houses as much as possible.
  • Establishment of the pre-sale visit checklist
  • Diagnostics offered
  • Energy balance offered
  • An expertise of the house offered (estimate with three methods included, risks, etc.)
  • Assistance with septic tank file if necessary (additional invoicing)
  • The establishment of the identity card of the house
  • The collection of all the documents necessary for the sale
  • Presence on 60 French and foreign portals
  • Presence on more than 20 dedicated Facebook groups
  • Video tours in French, English, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Romanian.
  • Collaboration with other agencies for faster sales
  • Sorting of potential candidates before actual visit in terms of solvency, location, seriousness of the project. As for buyers we want to avoid unnecessary visits to sellers
  • Home staging advice in partnership with an interior designer, if necessary, offered.
  • Buyer – seller transition service offered (concerns edu contracts, water, internet, etc.)
  • Total support for the buyer and the seller until the signature.

The total amount of the services offered is between 2500 and 3500 euros depending on the type and size of the property.

This therefore commits us financially, which is why these services are imperatively offered in exchange for an exclusive sales mandate.

In addition, we specialise more particularly in the sale of houses because this represents higher budgets and then because all our acquisition research has focused on houses which has allowed us to quickly accumulate a lot of experience on these products and finally because it’s much more fun!

Unlike hunting where we cover the entire Côte d’Azur according to the locations targeted by our customers, for the sale, each guide takes care of two defined sectors: his sector of residence and a residential sector which is allocated to him to work in depth.

Chronological order of a sales mission

1 week:

  • First meeting with seller
  • Explain exclusive mandate
  • House visit
  • Checklist property
  • Gather required documents
  • House expertise
  • Sign exclusive mandate
  • Expertise septic tank

1 week:

  • Home staging if needed
  • Photo shoot / video / drone
  • Diagnostics report
  • Listing ad

1 week – 1 month:

  • Validate solvability buyer
  • Visit with buyer
  • Offer

1 week:

  • Acceptance offer
  • Assistance preliminary sales agreement
  • Sign “compromis de vente”

2 – 3 months:

  • Technical assistance
  • Assistance signing deed
  • Signature of the deed
  • Champagne and gift

2 – 3 days:

  • Help with providers, clearing the house
  • Collect testimonial client

Our fees applied in the context of the sale

For the sale, we apply decreasing fees because in our professional ethics we consider that selling a house at 1 million or 10 million requires the same service.

Taking €500,000 in commission on a €10 million house seems totally out of place to us, because the service offered may be a little more upscale with even more support.

Our fees are therefore as follows:

👉 For a property priced below €500,000 : 6% commission TTC

👉 For a property priced between €500,001 – €1,000,000 : 5,4% commission TTC

👉 For a property priced between €1,000,001 – €2,000,000 : 4,8% commission TTC

👉 For a property priced from €2,000,001 : 4,2 % commission TTC

Our fees include all the assistance mentioned above, plus assistance with the transfer of electricity, water and internet contracts.

  • 77% 77%