Why join us? We are not part of a large national group, we are a young company and we do not have thirty years of existence in real estate, so what can we bring you?

Participate in the development of a start-up

By joining FRH, you will participate in the growth of an ambitious young company that is giving itself the means to achieve its ambitions. In this entrepreneurial and human adventure, you have everything to gain. Through your dynamism, your energy, your skills, your talents, you will be able to advance the company, its market penetration, its turnover and reap significant benefits both in terms of career and remuneration.

Please note, at FRH we are ambitious, but we do not have teeth that scratch the floor, Fabricio and Laurent are two fifty-something young entrepreneurs who combine wisdom with ambition.

Do real estate differently

As you may have read in the objectives section, it is important to us to deliver an irreproachable quality of service, to always satisfy the customer and even to go beyond their expectations.

At FRH you will do real estate differently, you will provide a service to the customer that corresponds to the value of the commission that you will receive from him.

FRH is a research process at the top, proven, reliable and innovative. These are complete services that no real estate agent on the Côte d’Azur offers. These are tools that allow both to work calmly and to ensure a high level of customer service. It is a business philosophy that goes much further than most of our “colleagues”.

At FRH, you are not real estate agents, you are a real estate guide and that is how you will make the difference.

Earn more money

The profession of “real estate agent”, in our country therefore called guide, is one of the rare professions where you work for someone while being self-employed, without any job or income security.

Our remuneration policy takes this fact into account, but we also wanted it to be a great source of motivation for our guides. We are among the very few agencies to go up to 70% compensation on commission as soon as we take office.

Our fairness and motivation policy has also led us to remunerate our work-study students in the second year of BTS or Bachelor, with remuneration on commission of up to 15%, which is extremely rare in the profession.
Our remuneration grid takes into account the different scenarios that may arise in the context of a hunt or a sale. It is fair, motivating and based on a win-win system.

Benefit from the advantages of a Works Council

In order to enable anyone working for FRH, whatever their status, to benefit from the advantages of a Works Council, which we cannot have, we approached OPTEAM CSE, a group specializing in pooling the purchases of businesses.

Opteam CSE has established many partnerships in various fields with different brands such as Pathé Gaumont, Carrefour, Darty, Disneyland, Nocibé, Club Med, Amazon, Fnac, Decathlon, etc.

We can thus make you benefit from a multitude of negotiated offers on everyday purchases, travel, shops, cinema, in order to really increase their purchasing power.

These are advantages generally only granted by very large groups or agency networks and we are proud to make this effort to allow you to gain purchasing power!

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