These objectives will be partly achieved thanks to our communication and our marketing strategy which is deployed mainly, for the moment, on social networks.

Strong presence on social media

This is the most effective way at present to be able to reach customers who do not live on the Côte d’Azur. This mainly concerns real estate hunting, but not only. The presence on social networks helps to spread the image and the FRH brand to travel Europe and the world.

For this, we use the classic tools made available to us, namely:

Facebook, through our personal and/or professional profiles but also through our Facebook page: which has 1,157 followers.

Page completed by two private facebook groups that we manage:

Buy/Sell/Invest on the French Riviera – Real Estate – 667 members: 

Rent on the French Riviera – Tenants & Landlords – 261 members:

Youtube, which we use to broadcast our videos, the main ones being the videos entitled “How about living in…?” carried out in each city of the Côte d’Azur and which attract many spectators, most of them foreigners.

The channel has 290 subscribers and the view record is, for fun, 5022 views.

We are also present, as it should be, on Instagram and LinkedIn for audiences that are necessarily different from those of the two platforms mentioned above.

LinkedIn more personally, because business pages have my impact on this network.

We publish at least one post per week in these networks. The purpose of these publications is to book a video with Fabricio or Laurent for potential prospects, or to download Fabricio’s book: “Buy your house on the French Riviera with peace of mind“, a book created as a customer magnet.

Because downloading the book leads to a series of emails whose objective is to give material to the prospect and make him want to contact us.

We ask all people who join us to take care of their social networks, or even to create a professional profile, to be sure to broadcast the same quality of content about FRH.

But communication on social networks is not enough, which is why we double it with intensive networking. Fabricio and Laurent belong to several clubs on the Côte d’Azur and try to frequent them as diligently as possible.

In real estate each meeting is equivalent to a potential client or a potential recommendation

The clubs and networks of which we are members: (Fabricio is the Honorary President) (FRH is the main sponsor for 2022) (British association of Monaco) 

This networking must also be done outside the club, quite simply, in one’s neighbourhood or in the assigned canvassing area.

The most powerful communication network remains the positive customer experience. A satisfied customer is the best proof of the quality of our work and allows us to reassure potential prospects.

In this sense we always try to have a customer testimonial, either by video as is the case here: 

or in writing. It is thus necessary to automatically ask any satisfied customer to leave a comment here: 

Of course we are also present on the net with the classic tools including our website, which you are visiting right now. A site structured around the company’s 4 buoyant professions which are presented to you in detail later in this booklet.

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