A little bit of history

The Genesis

The FRH guideline was already drawn in 2013. Indeed, it was at this time, working in a real estate agency in Nice, Immobilière du Parc, that Fabricio launched a first version of the FRH project.

But this agency only works on very traditional bases and its director does not really adhere to this totally innovative project at the time. Fabricio therefore puts his project aside, waiting for another opportunity to bring it to life.

A passionate and curious man, Fabricio decides to leave the world of real estate and the world of business in general to live his dreams, that is to say, to set up and play his own One Man Show, which he will do with a finale of dream at the Théâtre de verdure in the summer of 2021.

The Covid-19 will definitely interrupt this wonderful theatrical adventure. Fabricio took the opportunity to train in digital marketing with a renowned Canadian coach: Martin Latulippe.

On the strength of this training, which provided him with innovative and impactful marketing tools, Fabricio decided to relaunch the FRH project.
Marketing arguments, strategy, website, flyers, for six months, Fabricio set up his project and also took the time to write a book in three languages ​​”Buy your house on the Côte d’Azur serenely”, a book intended to be offered to customers to make the company and its services known.

In the summer of 2021 FRH is on track, Fabricio launches the website, begins its digital marketing campaigns, shoots and publishes its informative videos and brings in its first client.

It was while taking care of this first client, who was looking for a beautiful villa on the hills of Nice, that he realized the limits of being alone in charge. Indeed, it is difficult to take care of the search for your client full-time and to continue to do your marketing effectively to attract other clients.

It is at this moment that life decides to do things right… So, all the same, a quick analysis of the situation.

The Encounter

On the strength of the observation presented above, Fabricio decides that it is necessary to surround himself with a team and to build the foundations for this still fragile young project.

It was during a call to his thirty-year-old friend, with whom he wiped the final year benches and made the 400 blows, Laurent Escoffier, that the latter told him that he had ended his career in the big distribution and that he has undergone training for his retraining in… real estate!

Neither one nor two, Laurent joins Fabricio in the FRH adventure, as a commercial agent for administrative reasons, but Fabricio and Laurent immediately plan to join forces to better serve this formidable business project.


The roles are quickly divided between Fabricio and Laurent. Fabricio is in charge of customer prospecting, marketing, management and the implementation of new areas of development, while Laurent is in charge of property searches, the development of the network of collaborating agencies and partners in the real estate field. and customer follow-up.

This implementation works well and brings in new customers who need to be treated quickly and qualitatively. The duo therefore decides to expand the team. It will be done with the hiring of work-study students, Ray Barrage is following the “BTS real estate professions” course at ISCAE in Nice.

Why alternates? Simply because training, passing on experience and giving young people a chance are values ​​to which Laurent and Fabricio are very attached.

In May 2022, given the expansion of the team and the forecast turnover, Fabricio’s EIRL cannot remain the basic structure for FRH, so the duo decides to set up SARL FRENCH RIVIERA HOUSE HUNTING.

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