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Our brand values

Quality of service

Real estate agencies do not have a good image with the general public. They are often referred to as “gate openers”. The public considers that real estate agents do not do much in relation to the commissions charged. This is not always wrong, agencies often providing mediocre service that does not actually correspond to the fees requested. At FRH we put quality of service at the top of our core values. By quality of service, we always mean doing everything possible to guide and assist the customer as much as possible and find the appropriate solutions, quickly, throughout the acquisition or rental process.


Today, it is very fashionable to talk about humans. And yet, for us, “human” is not an empty word. It contains the quintessence of what drives us. We are campaigning for the application of management by benevolence: a system that respects the human being in the company and which allows – since everyone’s work is valued – to obtain better results. Our goal is that the people who join the FRH adventure and make up our teams are proud to work for us but also that they feel at home with us and that they want to perform and last in our society. It is the same philosophy that drives us to serve our customers. Indeed, behind a project to acquire a house or an apartment, there are first and foremost people with their desires, their dreams, their enthusiasm and their fears too.


We want to carry out our activity in complete independence and in complete objectivity. Thus, if we collaborate with most real estate agencies, we do not want to be linked to any real estate network, so as not to influence the client in his choice, for the benefit of a colleague.

Total transparency

We never cheat with our customers. This is our most important credo. We inform them at regular intervals, we explain to them each step of the acquisition or rental process, we send them very detailed visit reports and we only show you the properties that we believe correspond to their criteria. We never force a client’s hand.

Responsiveness and adaptability

We guarantee the customer a quick result, permanent exchanges and the shortest possible response times. We adapt to the evolution of their search criteria as the mission progresses.

Respect regulations

FRH scrupulously respects the Hoguet Law “Loi Hoguet” which regulates real estate transactions and more generally all the regulations governing the sector in which FRH exercises its activity.
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