Our objectives

Restoring the legitimacy of real estate agents

In France many people no longer go through agencies to buy or sell their property because they consider that real estate agents do not do much in relation to the commissions collected. This catastrophic image is also valid for foreign buyers who are totally lost and poorly served by these same agencies. It is clear that the agencies have largely contributed to building this negative image: mediocre ads with few or failed photos, no customer reminders, forcing sales, no customer follow-up, etc. At FRH we provide customers, whether buyers, sellers, lessors or tenants, with a complete service, total support, high-performance tools, and permanent availability. We aim for excellence in the service provided to the client because we are convinced that, unlike agencies which lower their commissions to ridiculous levels, for lack of being able to provide the appropriate service, we must keep high commissions corresponding to a service and to a work provided highly qualitative and provided.

Conquer the Riviera market

The Côte d’Azur market is saturated with real estate agencies, so why embark on this niche? For the same reasons cited above. We are convinced – and the first months of operation prove us right – that there is a large place to take in this market, despite its saturation. Real estate is becoming more and more regulated, customers more and more demanding and the means of reaching these customers more and more complicated and global. However, FR’s entire strategy consists in providing a solution to these challenges. Our ambition is to conquer the Côte d’Azur market, initially, by developing a network of real estate guides in the region. In the longer term, we are considering deployment across France and Italy.

Be competitive on the 4 pillars of development

As we will see later, FRH’s development strategy is based on 4 pillars, acquisition hunting, rental hunting, property sales and rental management.

Our adventure began with acquisition hunting. This activity is the foundation of our company and it brought, from its implementation, the level of requirement that we want to bring to the other activities, with the ambition to settle durably, to be competitive and to dominate the market. , on the four sectors.

Generate significant revenue

Anyone wishing to join the FRH adventure must realise that our primary objective and therefore their own primary objective is to generate a substantial turnover.

Entrepreneurship is a difficult, demanding and especially complicated activity in France. The objective of any self-respecting entrepreneur, at least it is ours, is to earn more money than by being an employee, just reward for the immense efforts to be made every day.

Our objective is simply to double our turnover every year in order to reach a turnover of one million euros in 4 years.

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