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Roles within the company

Fabricio Carminati and Laurent Escoffier are partners and managers of SARL FRENCH RIVIERA HOUSE HUNTING. Both are the pilots and guarantors of the company’s global strategy.

Fabricio is more particularly in charge of international affairs, marketing and communication strategy, networking, operational and commercial engineering and company management.

Laurent is more specifically in charge of the French market, field sales, team management and training, agency relations and partnerships, customer follow-up and process compliance.

This distribution of roles has been designed to allow the company to better benefit from everyone’s talents and to optimize performance, but both are perfectly capable of reversing roles and/or working together on individual prerogatives. The objective is always the development of the company.

The other roles are held by our young work-study students, the first collaborator of our young company: Ray Barrage who we hope to see continue the adventure with us at the end of their work-study program.

But here, too, everyone is capable of performing in all three professions.

And finally, Hélène Pégaz, who recently joined us and benefits from a double role with a role of commercial agent in the Saint Raphael sector and at the same time as “family / business office” with FRH.

Ray Barrage

Manager property hunting acquisitions

Hélène Pegaz

Manager Var & family office

The development of FRH through the hiring of real estate guides, chosen on very specific criteria and skills, this section is likely to grow very quickly.

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