The process

The processes or processes or “way of doing things” in French, are the guarantee of maintaining the high level of quality of service “to which Laurent and Fabricio aspire.

During their respective professional experiences, each of them, in their field, had to apply and create processes to streamline the production or service circuit and strive for excellence in terms of customer service.

In the luxury hotel industry, for Fabricio, where the processes are essential so that the care of the customer by a large number of different people in the hotel follows a clearly established and controlled guideline and in mass distribution for Laurent, where just-in-time management cannot be done without rigorous specifications.

It is in this same spirit that the processes of FRH were established and that they must be followed by all the people working there, without exception.

These processes are the guarantee of a high and constant quality of service but also of the use of tools, databases, communication, etc. that helps grow and sustain the business.

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