Thomas Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States from 1912 to 1921, liked to say that “golf is a sport where one must try to control a ball with tools completely unsuitable for this purpose”.

At FRH we prefer to control our missions with the right tools. This is why we have implemented a series of ergonomic and effective tools to structure work and facilitate customer relations.

These tools are all available in English and French and grouped together in our resource center accessible here:  

Project matrix:

Document used during initial project definition interviews with clients. Acquisition version and rental version.

Visit report:

Document used to make the reports of pre-visits of real estate.

Visit checklist:

Document used when visiting a house that is listed for sale. Its objective is to obtain all the information on the property necessary for its online marketing. House version and apartment version.

Preparation checklist:

Document used when selling a property, usable for hunting or for sale. It includes a list of all the documents to be collected for the preparation of the future sales agreement.

Offer template:

A full-fledged offer template is available here. Of course, some of its content and in particular the conditions precedent may vary.

Overall budget and credit calculator: This tool allows you to calculate the overall budget including the price of the house, notary fees, etc. as well as a credit simulator.

CRM / MailChimp:

A well-established business strategy is based on a well-stocked contact file. It allows us to send mailing campaigns to customers, prospects, partners, etc., but also to centralise the agency contacts that collaborate and with whom we have privileged relationships.

The contacts entered are centralised and listed by category on MailChimp, an online subscription tool that allows us to send our newsletters.

Link to add contacts: 


Trustpilot is the most powerful and widely used review collection tool on the net. Our goal is to obtain a customer opinion automatically at the end of each case conclusion, in all the activities of the company.

All you have to do is ask the customer to leave their opinion here: 

Task management:

In order to better follow everyone’s assignments and optimise the transmission of information, all our employees must use the “Asana” online task manager. It is a powerful and ergonomic task manager that allows you to assign tasks, add comments, exchange messages… In short, it ensures regular monitoring and control of tasks and thus increases productivity and optimise time. 

Sales arguments:

For each occasion FRH has developed a basic sales pitch to use to explain to the client why choose our services over those of the competition.

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