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Welcome to the team

“ They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it ”

– Mark Twain –

This quote from Mark Twain is undoubtedly what best characterises the spirit that Laurent and I want to instill in our company.

FRH – French Riviera House Hunting operates in what is called in marketing: the red ocean, i.e. a hyper-competitive sector.

The disadvantage of being in the red ocean and facing many competitors, the advantage is to have a very active base market which generates a lot of supply and demand.

To be able to find a place in this ocean and surf the right waves, we rely on innovation – on the “real estate guide” spirit – and on a very high quality of service.

Finally, differentiating yourself in real estate is quite simple, you just have to put customers at the center of our services, our efforts, our energy, our engineering, so as to always meet or even exceed their expectations.

The quality of service we provide and the quantity of services we offer has a price in terms of time, resources and investment, which is why we aim to always work exclusively, whether hunting or in

So, yes, maybe we will lose some customers, who do not care about quality or who will go to the least expensive or to the one who will caress them the most in the direction of the hair by overestimating their house for example. But the search for excellence that we have in our sights is worth some sacrifices.

If you join FRH, it is because you will adhere to its values, its philosophy and the constant search to provide the best possible customer service and it is also because you want to participate in upgrading the image of “real estate agencies”. and make FRH a leading company on the Riviera market.

Welcome to your new role as REAL ESTATE GUIDE and wishing you good sales!

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