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FRH provides a service exclusively dedicated to buyers.

We are property search agents exclusively acting on your behalf and we assist you, the buyer, during the entire purchasing process. 

With our property knowledge and very extensive experience of the French Riviera property market, and our ability to understand the cultural and practical differences between your country and the French Riviera, we are the best possible negotiator to help foreign clients to safely, efficiently and effectively purchase the right property on the right place in the French Riviera.

We are able to source off-market thanks to the close ties we have with estate agencies, local intermediaries such as lawyers, private bankers, investment managers and direct sellers.

What is the difference between a buyers’ agent and a real estate agent?

A real estate agent only sells the properties from his own limited database while the buyers’ agent has access to almost all the properties for sale on the French Riviera.

Furthermore, a real estate agent works for the seller, while we are fully dedicated to buyers and we only have their interests at heart.

We are fully dedicated to the buyer, we search for the buyer, we select for the buyer, we negotiate for the buyer and we close the deal with the buyer.

The five steps of our advice and support service

1 – Together by phone, video call, email,  or face-to-face, we draw up your wish list making sure that all your requirements are covered, but also ensuring that they match the reality of the real estate market on the French Riviera.

2 – We search for properties corresponding to your criteria and short-list the properties we visit. Then we send complete visit reports to you including a virtual visit and aerial views. 

3 – You choose the properties you want to visit from the list and we accompany you on property viewings. FRH can arrange, not just the viewings, but also your stay through its Visitour® service.

4 – We negotiate with the seller to ensure we obtain the best possible price and terms.

5 – We continue to give assistance throughout the buying process, maintaining regular contact between you, the vendor and other interested parties (surveyors, solicitors) up until the sale is completed.

Fabricio Carminati, your guide

The French Riviera is the setting in which Fabricio has been evolving for more than 20 years. He knows every nook and corner of it, from its most secret to its most striking facets.

What guides Fabricio’s steps on the ancient cobblestones of the perched villages as well as on the Promenade des Anglais, is his passion for stone, in all its forms: atypical, contemporary, classic or surprising.

He loves interior decoration, the heart and soul of the house and the reflection of its owner, for which he has a real talent.

A fifteen-year career in the luxury hotel business, in contact with an international clientele, has left him with an uncompromising sense of service and hospitality. Rediscovering the pleasure of working with foreign clients is one of the main motivations that led him to the creation of FRH.

The real estate sector has no secrets for Fabricio: his collaboration with a well-known real estate agency on a human scale in Nice, and investments made on a personal basis that have paid off, reinforce his vision of real estate that is more human and more respectful to emotions.

Accompanying, guiding and advising are notions that are part of his DNA.

This persevering and eclectic man holds a Master of Science in Hospitality Management (MSc) from ESSEC in France and the prestigious American University of Cornell in the United States.

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Our personalised assistance includes exclusive services such as organising your property viewing tour, assist you for your settlement on the French Riviera or help you to sell your current home.


After your approval of the short-listed properties matching your criteria we organize the viewings of the selected properties.


In order to help you in your choice, FRH makes a virtual visit of your real estate selection.


For a house search, FRH carries out aerial views so that you can better evaluate the environment.


If the acquisition of your property on the Riviera is linked to the sale of another property, FRH will assist you in the sale of this property.


FRH is in charge of the majority of your movements linked to your installation on the French Riviera.



To better serve you in your future home, FRH offers you a personalized 3D management service.


Follow Fabricio’s immersive videos

Every week, FRH allows you to explore the French Riviera with Fabricio Carminati. Discover the privileged places for real estate, the addresses to know, the secret corners and practical information.

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Buy your house on the French Riviera with peace of mind.

FRH has gathered in this guide all the information you need to know in order to realise your property purchase with peace of mind.

You will find a treasure of information about the French Riviera and its real estate market as well as 6 free bonuses to help you realise your real estate project in our magnificent region!

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