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As part of our personalised support, FRH offers you exclusive services to facilitate your acquisition, your installation or the sale of your current property.


After having short-listed properties matching your criteria and once we have submitted them to you, we organize the viewings of the selected properties.

Of course, we assist you on property viewings, giving you our bilingual assistance throughout but we can also arrange your whole stay if you use our « Visitour® » service.

Through Visitour® we offer personal concierge services: we can arrange all viewings, hotel bookings, transfers and other services to make your property viewing visit more enjoyable.

Futhermore, we can schedule meetings with all necessary technical professionals who are required at different stages of the buying transaction.

You just have to book your flight and we will take care of all the rest !

Our Visitour® service is included in the transaction fees.


So that you can discover, as a sneak peek, the interiors of the houses or apartments that we will have selected for you, according to your own search criteria, we realize an immersive virtual tour that we send you in addition to the detailed description and photos that we provide to you.

This virtual visit allows you to better understand the configuration of the selected properties and will help you in your choice, before moving for the physical visit of the place.

FRH is equipped with the latest generation of equipment to carry out quality virtual tours.

Our Dive-In® service is included in the transaction fees.


Besides the virtual visits, we also carry out aerial photos, by drone, to allow you to discover, remotely, the immediate environment of the selected houses, but also to better apprehend the architecture and the overall aspect of the house, the neighborhood distance, the land area, etc…

This service also helps you to make your choice among the selection of properties that we make for you.

Our Overview® service is included in the transaction fees.


If the capital necessary to purchase your property on the French Riviera is dependent on the selling of your current property, FRH can also help you selling your property.

If the property you wish to sell is located on the French Riviera, we will deal with the selling of your property directly.

If the property that you sell is situated in another region or your country of origin, FRH can also assist you, in association with one of its partners.

Merge your buying and selling projects as if they were one project and take advantage of the Bridge service advantages :

A sole negotiator for both projects
A fully objective appraisal of the property you sell
Marketing of your property by using all the distribution channels at our disposal (specific press releases, using our professional contacts and so on).
Concurrent search of the property you wish to buy
Professional advice at all stages of both projects.

ALLSET® – premium service

FRH assists you throughout your property search process, from the very beginning of your project until the final purchase.

Once this final step is made and you are ready to move to your new property on the French Riviera, you can take advantage of our exclusive service: “Allset ® “.

With “Allset ® ” FRH takes charge of all administrative tasks and the paperwork linked to your settlement on the French Riviera.

Our Allset® service includes:

  • A list of recommended insurance companies to insure your house as soon as possible. 
  • Gas and electricity network connections.
  • Help with administrative procedures related to the property management of the building – if needed.
  • Internet provider contract and connection to the provider’s network of your choice.
  • An accurate description of your neighbourhood/district and its facilities.
  • A list of emergency telephone numbers.
  • Recommended doctors and medical centres list.
  • A list of recommended craftsmen. for your restoration or maintenance works.
  • A list of the most useful French websites
  • The contact details of your Consular Representative.
  • Help with fiscal procedures and paperwork.
  • On any administrative procedure, we follow the drafting of the contract to make sure that the terms and conditions are correct.

Our Allset® service is a premium service subject to additional fees.

HOME 3D® – premium service

It is sometimes difficult to realise the potential of an apartment or house as the style is not the one you prefer, or because the layout of the rooms prevents you from projecting yourself or because you simply think that certain arrangements are not possible.

With our Home-3D service, we create for you the interior fittings on a specialised software and we provide you with hyper realistic 3D views, allowing you to discover the proposed property from other perspectives.

This service is available on a maximum of two properties in our selection of properties to visit.

Our Home 3D® service is a premium service subject to additional fees.

Your Questions – FAQ

First of all, because of our strict moral code of practice: We always advise our clients according to their best interests and never our own.

Because with our bilingual assistance we can give you all the help you need in a francophone country to avoid the traps of buying a property abroad.

Because we can source your prospective property from every single local seller, and so with FRH you can find your property from the entire property market.

Because with our thorough knowledge and experience of the French Riviera we can advise you on the best places to buy.

Because we assist you during the entire purchasing process; from sourcing the property to completing the purchase.

In short, with FRH, you save time, save money, get access to the whole market, avoid the hassle of legal procedures and secure your purchase.

We are property search agents or buyers’ agents, exclusively acting on behalf of the buyer, helping during the entire purchasing process from sourcing the properties that correspond to your requirements, negotiating the best possible price and terms with the seller and helping you during the legal process to complete the acquisition. We work for you, we have your best interests at heart, not the sellers.

FRH deals mainly with foreign buyers wishing to purchase a main or secondary home or keen to make a real-estate investment on the French Riviera. 

Even though we provide a custom-tailored service, the steps usually taken are:

  • Registration with FRH: together we define your search criteria. We search for properties corresponding to your requirements.
  • We choose a selection of properties.
  • We send complete visit reports to you.
  • We plan your visits and arrange them. (Learn more)
  • We accompany you on property viewings, providing our bilingual assistance throughout.
  • Once you have made your choice, we negotiate to ensure we obtain the best possible price for you.
  • We continue to give assistance throughout the purchasing process, maintaining regular communication between you, the vendor and other interested parties (surveyors, solicitors), and translating documents if necessary.
  • We help you in moving to France and settling in your new home, giving assistance, if needed, with EDF (gas, electricity) contracts, Internet provider contracts and so on (Learn more).

No fee is charged upfront.
A success fee, which is a percentage of the purchase price of the property, has to be paid at the exchange of contracts or once a preliminary contract is signed: It is up to you depending on the additional services you think you need.
Our fees are the same as those usually applied by French Riviera real estate agents and represent 6% (VAT included) of the final purchase price.
This fee is due only if we find your property through a private seller.
If your dream property is found through a real estate agency, thanks to our partnership with all French Riviera real estate agencies, you have no additional fees to pay to FRH.

No! According to the provision of French Law 70-9 of 2 January 1970 which regulates the activity of persons involved in real estate transactions, we are forbidden to charge any registration fees. We are required by law to tie all our compensation to the successful completion of the transaction.

Property hunting is a full-service business. We only carry out a few research projects at the same time to guarantee the best possible service.

We offer a complete support to the buyer, which requires a total investment on our part, in terms of time, logistics and budget.
This is why we charge a hunting fee.

Our fees are calculated in such a way that they can be easily amortised by the negotiation carried out on the property found and are only due once the acquisition has been completed.

Yes, our knowledge of the French Riviera real estate market enables us to advise on the right value of a property, to provide an appraisal report and therefore to negotiate the price.

Our aim is to ensure that the buyer is fully informed and does not overpay for the property.

For this purpose, we devised the Bridge® service. Under these particular circumstances, the service allows you to carry out both transactions at the same time. You will benefit from our experience in both purchasing and selling properties. (Learn more)

No. We assist you during the entire purchasing process from sourcing the properties to final purchase, hel- ping you with the paperwork linked to the purchase of a property.

Transaction costs, also called in France “Notary fees”, generally represent about 8% of the purchase price. The rate also depends whether the buyer guarantees its loan with or without a mortgage.
Thanks to its dedicated tools, FRH can give you a precise, but not contractual, estimation of your transaction costs.

Yes, a written contact is mandatory according to provision of French Law. The contract stipulates that the agent will work to negotiate the best price, ensure the property is inspected, and represent your interests throughout the entire process. It is set for a period of 3 months, tacitly renewed for a further 3 months, up to a maximum of 12 months. A release clause allows you to cancel the contract at any time.

Yes. Property search is an extremely time-consuming activity and requires a wholehearted commitment. Therefore, we prefer to devote our energies to clients sincerely committed to the purchase. An exclusive property search contract is a guarantee of success for both you and for FRH.

Yes, FRH is regulated by Law 70-9 of 2nd January 1970 which governs the activity of persons involved in real estate transactions. As stipulated by this law, FRH holds a Professional Card issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nice (n° CPI06052021000000112).

In order to ensure the most efficient property viewing experience, we offer our clients our Visitour® service.

FRH can help you to settle in France, thanks to its Allset® service. This service is totally independent from the property search contract and invoiced separately.

Yes, as part of our personalized support, FRH offers you exclusive services to facilitate your acquisition, your installation or the sale of your current property.

Visitour®: After your approval of the short-listed properties matching your criteria we organize the viewings of the selected properties.

Dive-In®: In order to help you in your choice, FRH makes a virtual visit of your real estate selection.

Overview®: For a house search, FRH carries out aerial views so that you can better evaluate the environment.

Bridge®: If the acquisition of your property on the Riviera is linked to the sale of another property, FRH will assist you in the sale of this property.

Allset®: FRH is in charge of the majority of your movements linked to your installation on the French Riviera. Allset® is a premium service.

Home 3D®: To better serve you in your future home, FRH offers you a personalized 3D management service. Home 3D is a premium service.

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