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The five key steps

Through FRH, finding your dream home on the French Riviera can be summed up in five simple steps

1 – Setting up your buying project

You get in touch with us here and you tell us about your purchase project, 

We revert to you to clearly define your project, better understand your expectations and establish a detailed summary of the specifics.

Once the project is clearly defined, we officialise the beginning of our collaboration with an exclusive property search contract, valid for a minimum of 3 months.

2 – Search for properties corresponding to your requests

FRH selects a choice of properties by activating its networks, pre-visits the properties and sends you complete reports with our own pictures (if needed), a virtual visit and aerial views*.

As the seller does not appoint us, we are totally objective. Our purpose is to choose, among the properties for sale on the French Riviera, only the ones perfectly corresponding to your criteria.

*only available for a house search.

3 – Visiting the selected properties

You shortlist one or more properties from those we suggest and we proceed to the viewings.

FRH is the only property search company on the French Riviera to offer the Visitour® service.

With Visitour®, we can arrange, not just all the viewings, but also the hotel bookings, transfers and any other services to make your inspection trip more enjoyable.

4 – Assistance until the final agreement

Once you have made your choice and decided to purchase one of the proposed properties, the first thing to be done is to evaluate if the chosen property really meets your expectations from every point of view. From there onwards we negotiate with the seller to ensure we obtain the best possible price.

Then, we continue to give assistance throughout the purchasing process, maintaining regular communication between you, the vendor and other interested parties (surveyors, solicitors), and translating documents if necessary.

We can also assist you in the choice of a bank for your loan, an insurance company or a removal company if needed.

5 – Signature

FRH assists you right up until the final signature, when you become the happy owner of a house on the French Riviera.

According to the law governing the real estate profession, FRH only collects its fees when the deal is finalised, once our assignment is fulfilled.

If the purchase of your property on the French Riviera is linked to the sale of your current property, FRH can also assist you in the sale of your property, directly or through one of our partners, depending on the location of the property you sell. This is the purpose of our service called Bridge®.

The benefits of mandating FRH

A total assistance

FRH assists you throughout the whole property acquisition process on the French Riviera from the establishment of your research criteria up to the final signature.

A unique contact

When signing an exclusive research mission order with FRH, Fabricio Carminati becomes your unique contact. This avoids you to deal with an unlimited number of agents, various sales media such as websites, magazines, etc.

Easier communication

We speak your language, which makes it easier to communicate and make decisions, but also saves you from tedious conversations with people who only speak french.

Time saving

Thanks to a personalised service, you spare a precious time. FRH takes care of all the steps needed to buy a property on the French Riviera. We search, then visit and select the properties on your behalf so that you only visit the right ones.

Expert advice

Our knowledge of the French Riviera real estate market, its prices, the best locations, is at your disposal to help you find the property of your dreams.

Access to the whole offer

Through its market knowledge, but also its partners or its access to any available sales media, FRH has an eye on a wide range of properties for sale on the French Riviera.

Trusted negociation and acquisition

With hundreds of real estate negotiations made, FRH will be your preferred partner to assist you in the transaction process. Our objective is to help you in purchasing at the right price. Our objectivity is the guarantee of a secure transaction.

Our research area

Our main property research area includes the Alpes-Maritimes and Var departments from Menton to Saint Raphaël, including Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Eze, Beaulieu sur Mer, Villefranche sur Mer, Nice, Antibes, Cannes and all the towns in the region…

Our keen knowledge of the region allows us to carry out, for our customers, detailed searches, on the coast as well as in the countryside.

On request and depending on the type and size of the project, we can cover a wider search area.

For any other location do not hesitate to contact us

Our commitments

Guaranteed independence

FRH works entirely independently; we are not bound to any real estate network; we do not draw any fee from the sellers because we work for you, not for the sellers. Thanks to our independence, we always provide objective information, advice and support.

Total transparency

FRH inform you weekly on the search progress, provide detailed previewing reports including pictures or videos and information about the property’s area or neighbourhood. We answer all your questions; we are quite simply your eyes on the French Riviera.

Customer profile based advice

Fabricio Carminati is your unique contact throughout the mission. Our services are entirely personalised and custom-tailored. We give advice that will fundamentally help your specific project because before we begin the search, we make sure we perfectly understand your wishes and needs.

Fast response and flexibility

We promise quick results, continuous contact and short response times. You can change your search criteria at any time; we can adapt to any modification.

Compliance with legal regulations

French law 70-9, known as the “Hoguet law”, regulates real estate transactions. FRH respects and fully complies with the provisions of this law and operates within a strict moral code of practice.

Ensured confidentiality

FRH respects the privacy of the confidential information provided by clients. FRH holds and retains the confidential information in strictest confidence for the sole and exclusive use of the client’s property search project and it undertakes not to disclose the details to third parties.

Our fees

No fees are charges upfront. Fees are only due when the acquisition is realised.

Property hunting is a full-service business. We only carry out a few research projects at the same time to guarantee the best possible service.

We offer a complete support to the buyer, which requires a total investment on our part, in terms of time, logistics and budget.
This is why we charge a hunting fee.

Our fees are calculated in such a way that they can be easily amortised by the negotiation carried out on the property found and are only due once the acquisition has been completed.

Our fees differ according to the sales channel:

If the transaction is carried out through a real estate agency, we charge a flat fee.

If the transaction is with a private individual, we charge a sliding scale fee calculated as a percentage of the net selling price of the property.

In both cases, we strive to keep our fees as reasonable as possible.

our fees

Premium services

Our Visitour®, Dive-in®, Overview® et Bridge® services are included in the fees payed when the transaction is set.

Our Premium services, Allset® et Home 3D® are subject to additional fees as shown bellow:

Allset® service: 590 € (regular service)

Home 3D® service: rates will vary depending on the project dimension. Please contact us

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