Whether you are buying, selling, renting or letting – there are certain costs involved depending on your situation and we will inform you properly before we start working together. Having that said we like to keep things simple and reasonable – and this is what we charge for our services!

Buying a property

We will help you buy a property and guide you through the entire process. We have made agreements with most real estate agencies to share the commission without charging more. Because we are not affiliated with any of the seller agencies we can stay completely objective and act only in your best interest.

And we don’t like keeping secrets so we will inform you about the exact amount of commission that we will receive before the deal closes.

Fees included in seller commission or 3% if we buy directly from the owner 

Renting a property

If you are renting on the French Riviera we will deal with the agencies and paperwork involved. For this service we charge a flat fee € 1,500 including taxes whatever the price of the monthly rent. If you ever decide to buy and hire us to help you find your dream property – you can deduct half of this amount from our future fees.

Half of this flat fee, or 750 € are due when we validate your rental file, if validated, and the remaining half at the lease signature.

€ 1,500 including taxes

Selling a property

We can help you find a buyer for your property by making a presentation that will make your property stand out and we will introduce you to our international network. We work on exclusive contracts and only if we find a buyer for your property we will charge a commission.

You won’t pay a cent until we succeed!

From 4.2% to 6% commission including taxes based on selling price

Letting a property

We will help you find a tenant that will take good care of your property and provides you a stable rental income. For our services we charge € 1,500 including taxes and if you would like us to manage your property we charge 8,5% of the monthly rent.

€ 1,500 including taxes + 8,5% management (optional)