Trust us to sell your property!

Trust us to sell your property!

We will find a buyer for your property on the French Riviera!


At FRH, our three core businesses are house hunting, hunting rental and selling your property.

In fact, we take care of the sale of your property to ensure the best possible visibility. We are the interlocutors for international clients who want to buy their dream home on the French Riviera. We will accompany you and help you to sell your property faster. In fact, we are at your service to ensure that your property makes the best possible first impression.

Trust us to sell your property!

Our advices

First of all, the best advice we can give you when you want to sell your property is to take your time.  

Take the time to do quality work. The purchase of a property is a decision of great importance. That’s why future buyers like to be informed, they like to know all the details of their new home and their new neighbourhood. They will look again and again at your advertisement in order to get a better idea of it. That’s why it has to be as perfect as possible.

The second piece of advice that we give you – and that we are putting in place – is the use of quality visuals.  

Indeed, photos and videos are the first thing that future buyers look at and it is also the most important thing that they remember. It is therefore totally inadvisable to publish photos of average quality, as they would compromise the good visibility of your property. That’s why at FRH, we are committed to accompanying your ad with professional quality photos as well as quality aerial photos. Our ads also contain an immersive video of your property.
Trust us to sell your property!

Sell your property with FRH

Finally, at FRH, we are committed to creating the best possible advert for you.

To do this, we always write an exhaustive description of the characteristics of your property (DPE, interior description, list of characteristics, …) which is accompanied by professional quality photos and an immersive video to ensure the best possible visibility. We also include a detailed description of your neighborhood (school, transport, restaurants, local shops, etc.) in our ads.

Ultimately, our watchword is your satisfaction, which is why we make sure that your listing is as perfect as possible. We put our professionalism and skills at your service and we are committed to selling your property in accordance with your requirements.

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