My name is Fabricio Carminati and I would like you to take a few minutes of your time to read these few lines that will allow you to get to know me a little better.

On this site you will read some information, all of them verifiable, of course, which highlights my background, my services, my goals and my achievements.

But I wanted to show you what I am, sincerely, what I believe in, the sacred fire that makes me get up in the morning. And the values that animate me, values that are deeply rooted in me and that I necessarily transpose into my work.

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Nowadays, talking about being “human” is very fashionable.

And yet, “human” is not an empty word for me. It contains the quintessence of what animates me.

Throughout my career as an executive in the hotel industry, I have always led my teams with the utmost respect for the work of each individual. I have always applied benevolent management: a system that respects the human element in the company and that allows – since the work of each individual is valued – to obtain better results.

When I worked in the luxury hotel business in Paris, with rich, demanding, sometimes difficult clients, I tried to see the human being hidden under the surface. This attitude, which was natural for me, allowed me to forge special bonds and to become the reference point for these clients within the hotel.

It is the same philosophy that guides me in real estate. Behind a project to acquire a house or an apartment, there are first and foremost people with their desires, their dreams, their enthusiasm and their fears too.

And above all, there is a life project!  And helping people realise this life project is my main motivation!

Even when we talk about strict real estate investment, the human being is very present, as it often involves investing one’s savings as well as possible, preparing one’s retirement, or leaving a real estate patrimony to one’s children. “



I am convinced that entrepreneurs have a great role to play in our society and must serve as an example. Doing business, selling, making money should not be their only motivation.

We must be the driving force behind a new way of integrating our activities into the city, we must work responsibly for the preservation of our environment and we must be the promoters of a solidarity-based entrepreneurship in favour of those who need it most, so as to bring a little more balance to an economic model that is increasingly unequal..

That’s what I believe in and that’s why I wanted to create the association “Toit Aussi” (it’s a play on words but means ‘You Too’) to find solutions and help homeless people in my region, to begin with..

I wish, indeed, with all my heart that no one is forced to sleep on the street and I hope, in my small way, to be able to contribute to it as much as possible.

I also wanted FRH to be exemplary in promoting equal opportunities and respecting the environment. This is why I have set up a charter of social and environmental responsibility – which can be consulted here – to which the company and everyone working at FRH is committed.

I hope to be able to set an example and encourage my colleagues to do the same, so that together we can get things moving in the right direction!


I have worked twice in traditional real estate agencies whose operation was based on a system, certainly proven, but somewhat obsolete. In this system, real estate agents look for properties for sale – which is not easy in a market where supply is scarce – and once they find them, their only objective is to sell these properties, whatever the cost, sometimes even influencing the buyer in a far too one-sided way.

Why is this? Simply because they only represent the seller’s interests. In this system, the buyer only represents the intermediary who will allow them to recover their commission, as quickly as possible.

Moreover, I have also had the opportunity, in a personal capacity, to work with traditional real estate agents. I had to note that, if the profession counts, fortunately, a strong majority of serious professionals, it also counts in its ranks a great number of amateurs, people who invent themselves real estate advisers overnight, without having a real sensitivity to the stakes of a real estate transaction, patrimonial, financial but also – and especially – emotional.

It is this observation, which guided my thinking about an innovative real estate project, by applying my vision and my ethics, and above all, by refocusing on the buyer.

I wish to offer a real assistance to help the buyer to find their dream house while freeing them from the boring and restrictive aspects of the search.

This is how I decided to create FRH – French Riviera House Hunting.

For the record, I created the first version of FRH in 2013, in Nice. It was a short-term experience, for a simple reason: my project was too far ahead of its time.

Since then, a few competitors have moved in, happily copying a good part of my concept, to the point of finding full paragraphs copied from my site and pasted into theirs… business is business…

This wild copy and paste made me realise how much I wanted to resume my old project, improve it, add new services and give it a new life. But there was also another trigger. What also motivated me was the results of a crucial decision…


Like many people around the world, I have taken advantage of the lockdown to train myself. For my part, it was in digital marketing.

A friend of mine told me the greatest benefit of Martin Latulippe’s training: the Zero Limit Academy. I inquired about the training, and, after a short hesitation – the cost of the training was 2000 Canadian dollars, so it wasn’t given – I finally decided to take the plunge.

The training is top level, everything is extremely professional. Martin is an inspiring, motivating and caring coach and mentor. The content is very rich and I am learning a lot, I am even discovering a world that I knew very little about.

It is on my way through this exceptional training that I finally realise that it gives me the tools to be able to address the foreign clients I wanted to work with when I first launched FRH!  Tools that I was sorely lacking at the time.

So I finally met, by chance, two conditions for success that I didn’t have when I first launched, a a new vision and the tools to be able to develop it more quickly.


I don’t have 30 or 40 years of experience in real estate. As you have probably already read in my short version presentation, I have worked in the hotel sector, especially in the luxury hotel business and I have also worked in traditional real estate while discovering and satisfying, recently, two passions: theater and sports.

It is a rather rare career path in Europe and particularly in France, where one prefers single careers, in the same sector and with long experiences in the same positions.

Actually, it is an absolutely enriching career path: it has allowed me to multiply my exchanges with people from different worlds but with many points in common, to develop a wide range of talents, to open myself totally to others, to continually surpass myself, to question myself, to constantly develop new skills, to draw new resources from within myself, in short, to blossom and enrich myself personally!

The central point of my career path is the willingness to follow through on their projects and obtain concrete and spectacular results.


I am very fortunate to live on the French Riviera, since 1999, 21 years now. I have travelled the length and breadth of this region, and I can now boast of having a very thorough knowledge of it. I know its qualities, its flaws, the dream places, the areas to avoid, its hidden corners, and the high potential areas.

I know very well the entire coastal area with numerous cities that have made its reputation: Menton, Eze, Villefranche sur Mer, Beaulieu sur Mer, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Mandelieu, Saint Raphael, Port Grimaud, Saint Tropez, and so many others.

But I also discovered our magnificent hinterland, thanks to the mountain bike that I have been riding for more than ten years. I have cycled it back and forth on countless bike tours and have been captivated by the beauty of the lesser known landscapes of our region: The Esteron valley, the high country of Grasse, the Mercantour natural park, the French Riviera Prealps, the Maures massif, the Var hinterland, so many extraordinary spots where nature takes back its rights and where it is so good to live…

Finally, I also discovered the nooks and places of the Ligurian coast, but also the enchanting and promising hinterland in terms of real estate opportunities thanks to the wonderful woman who shares my life, Patricia, originally from Genoa. She is the one who introduced me to this wonderful region and its huge potential.


The common thread of the activities that have built my life path is the pleasure I feel in accompanying people, in helping them.

As a manager, I have helped my employees to grow, train, develop new skills and evolve within the company; as a coach, I guide people and push them towards excellence; in the hotel business, I have taken great care of my clients to enable them to live an extraordinary experience; as a real estate agent, I have guided sellers throughout their sales process, without neglecting buyers so that both parties achieve full satisfaction.

I have always worked with this goal in mind, helping people get what they want while avoiding complications and frustrations as much as possible. This philosophy is the same one that I will also apply to you, when I’ll have the chance to be at your side in the quest for your dream home on the French Riviera.

So, are you ready to bring your dream to life?

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