You can book a consultation with Fabricio here.

During this consultation we will give you clear insights about the real estate market here, the process of buying a house and, of course, we will explain who we are, what we do and how we can help you!

We will also clearly define your project, better understand your expectations and establish a detailed summary of the specifics, including budget of course.
You can check the details of what is included in our consultation here.

Once the project is clearly defined, we officialize the beginning of our collaboration with an exclusive property search contract, valid for a minimum of 3 months.

We will make a first selection of properties by activating our networks (agencies, notaries, contractors, privates, etc.) and we will upload our findings in your private client account. 

You will then shortlist one or more properties from those we suggest, and we proceed to the pre-visits of the selected listings and sends you complete reports with our own pictures and videos. We can also do direct online video visits.

As the seller does not appoint us, we are totally objective. Our purpose is to choose, among the properties for sale on the French Riviera, only the ones perfectly corresponding to your criteria.

If you plan to visit in person, we can arrange, not just all the viewings, but also the hotel bookings, transfers and any other services to make your inspection trip more enjoyable.

Once you have made your choice and decided to purchase one of the proposed properties, the first thing to be done is to evaluate if the chosen property really meets your expectations from every point of view.

We will then run our own estimation of the priory to check if the price is correct.

From there onwards, if necessary, we will negotiate with the seller to ensure we obtain the best possible price.

From the offer to the pre-contract, it takes about two to three weeks and once you have signed the contract you still have a 10 days cooling-off period to walk away the acquisition process if necessary. 

This leaves us enough time to check all administrative and legal aspects related to the house and condominium, if applies, and also have the house inspected by a contractor, if relevant.

We continue to give assistance throughout the purchasing process, until final signature, maintaining regular communication between you, the vendor and other interested parties (surveyors, solicitors), and translating documents if necessary.

We will also help you obtaining an insurance company for your house, opening a bank account, transferring utilities contracts and using a removal company if necessary.

According to the law governing the real estate profession, FRH only collects its fees when the deal is finalized once our assignment is fulfilled.

If the purchase of your property on the French Riviera is linked to the sale of your current property, FRH can also assist you in the sale of your property, directly or through one of our partners, depending on the location of the property you sell.


Buying a house in France is like driving in an unfamiliar city during rush hour. Let FRH be your navigation system.

Whether you’re securing your first residence or adding to your portfolio, it’s critical to have the right professional there to help. In such a competitive market, having a strategic approach to identify and acquire your dream property is imperative, with local market knowledge serving as an invaluable asset in determining the best investment opportunities.

Beyond conventional property searches, FRH boasts a commendable track record of successful acquisitions, meeting and exceeding our esteemed clientele’s expectations. Our access to an expansive range of off-market listings is unmatched. Our strategies are tailored and distinctive, bringing added value by discerning and making sense of the vast array of information available.

Once the right home is identified, we guide our clients through the escrow process from start to finish. This takes a team to manage the process and expert negotiating to ensure a positive outcome for our clients. And above all, we will prevent you from buying a property that doesn’t fully match your criteria or might present a problem. Time and time again, our clients have been impressed with our ability to make a stressful process feel seamless.

Let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll make sure you get it.

Are you thinking of moving to the Côte d’Azur but want to find out more about the area’s special features before taking the plunge? Are you hesitating between the Côte d’Azur and other regions of France, or even the Italian Riviera? We have a tailor-made service for you: The Buyer’s consultancy.

Fabricio Carminati, real estate expert, will go through the details of your project, explain the French Riviera real estate market, the steps involved in an acquisition or a rent and buy process, the specificities of buying in France, the various regulations and what FRH can do for you.

This consultation is worth € 250.
Should you decide to hire us for your project, this amount will be deducted from your final property acquisition closing fees.

To book a consultancy with Fabricio, our French Riviera real estate expert, please visit the dedicated page « Real Estate Expert Consultancy ».

Seamless Streamlined Property Journey

Extensive Local
Knowledge Network

Guaranteed Independence & Total Transparency

One Contact,
Zero Hassle

Seamless Streamlined
Property Journey

Extensive Local Knowledge Network

Guaranteed Independence & Total Transparency

One Contact, Zero Hassle


If you are planning to move to France and need a temporary rental before buying, let FRH be your guide for the global project.

Moving to a different country is thrilling and probably stressful at the same time. Before you embark on the more definitive path of buying a property, you probably want to take some time to discover the region, the different neighborhoods of a city, the places you like best. It’s a perfectly normal thing to do and we can also help you to secure your rental in the French Riviera.

Renting in France is very difficult, specially for expats, and it might discourage you from moving ahead with your future acquisition project. This is why we have created a special consultancy explaining the whole rental process, what you need to prepare, how to navigate the rental maze and how to avoid pitfalls and scams. We will also provide you with lists of documents needed, lists of utility providers, etc.

If you wish to have more details or book a one hour “How to rent in the French Riviera” consultancy with one of our team members, all experts in this matter, simply visit our Consultancy page.

Of course, this consultation is also available to people who only wish to rent only.